2. Umbilical ring and Human Health

Umbilical ring and Human Health

Everyone knows the expression “the navel of the Earth”[1]. This expression is used when you’d like to underline the supreme importance of somebody or something. Why exactly the nave? Formerly people knew what profound effect the state of the umbilical ring had on human health and power. Now this knowledge is lost. And the mentioned above expression is now used with the shade of irony.

The strong and unbroken umbilical ring supports all the internals in the abdominal cavity in a proper position — this is its physiological role. All the internals of the abdominal cavity (liver, kidneys, stomach, urinary bladder, etc) are soft tissues. And in this way the umbilical ring serves as a stabilizator of the internals’ proper position which is defined by the nature. If the navel is “torn off” (moved aside) then all the internals change their position and the ducts convolve with each other, so the result is visceroptosis. In this way vitally important processes in the internals are broken and this provokes illness.

We walk vertically, so because of the gravity our internals move down. In the case of weak muscular tonus the quick lifting of something heavy or strong fall down on the tailbone can lead to the navel string rupture.

As my long experience shows sometimes the modern medicine makes the most dreadful diagnoses and performs the most complicated operations in those cases where the cause of a disease was a torn navel string. Of course, these diagnoses are correct since the torn navel string provokes disfunctions of the vitally important organs and in this way leads to a serious disease.

Firstly, falling of kidneys can provoke frequent urination. In more serious cases it can lead to chronic renal insufficiency and it becomes necessary to use hemodialysis.

Then, the dysfunction of the kidneys entails the intracranial and intraocular pressure increase that can lead, in its turn, to cerebral strokes and in the result to paralysis and glaucoma. The torn navel string can also provoke gastroptosis and in this case the stomach presses down the pancreas. Every 24 hours the pancreas must produce 2 grams of insulin from blood. In the case of gastroptosis the pancreas doesn’t receive the required volume of blood necessary for its proper functioning.And in the end the insulin insufficiency leads to pancreatic diabetes.

If the navel string is torn off then hepatic and biliary ducts become narrower, this causes the appearance of gall-stones and rash on the skin. Besides it also provokes the appearance of thrombi, varicosity and other kinds of congestion in the organism.

The dislocation of vertebra is another consequence of the navel string rupture. The result is radiculitis.

While I worked as a masseur I saved a great number of people from these diseases. The navel string rupture can be corrected by an old tried-and-true method – with the help of a pot. Owing to this method it is possible to cure piles and to restore regular blood supply to the rectum’s walls.

Sometimes the symptoms of the torn navel string are similar to those of the abdominal pregnancy. It often happens that a woman has to undergo an operation because of such symptoms but the operation shows that the diagnosis was wrong. Abdominal pains that are considered to be symptoms of the abdominal pregnancy will disappear if the internals are fixed in their proper position with the help of a pot.

Once a woman, gynecologist herself, came from Nizhni Tagil to operate the abdominal pregnancy. But her friend (anesthetist with whom I worked then) told her that it was possible to avoid a surgical operation. When she came to consult me I found out that some time ago she had fell down on the tailbone while getting out of the tram. “The blow was so staggering that everything went dark before my eyes. I nearly lost consciousness,” – she recalled. So all the consequences of omphalocele were corrected with the help of a pot and she returned home without having been operated at all.

In the case of omphalocele expectant mothers have no birth pangs and doctors have to make the Cesarean section.

One ought to remember that the torn navel string leads to the descent of small pelvis organs that provokes miscarriage or premature birth. Blood supply disturbance in the organs of the small pelvis also leads to frigidity and impotence. Women can also have the obstruction of uterine tubes, lack of ovules (men – lack of sperm) or their inferiority. So, in most of cases the sterility is also caused by this reason.

The proper navel’s position is very important. It must be in the middle of the imaginary line between the xiphoid appendix and the share bone. Only then the abdominal aorta corresponds to this imaginary line. But in the case of the torn navel string it changes its position and, more usual, it moves to the left. It can be found out with the help of pulse diagnostics.

The most evident symptom of the torn navel string is a painful feeling while palpating (pressing) the umbilical region. Besides different convexities around it point to omphalocele (the navel’s pit must be even from every side).

Remedial Method

The correction method of the torn navel string is a very simple and available. It came to us from those days when people listened to nature and observed its laws. Exactly at that time the notion of a strong navel appeared together with understanding how important it was to keep it in a proper position from the very birth and throughout the life.

So the method is the following. You need a ceramic potof 1,5 liter (cupping-glasses won’t go – they can burst). Then you have to make a small plasticine basis and to put matches in it. The cotton wool wetted with 96% alcohol is put on the matches. Then all this construction is put on the navel of a supine person, the cotton wool is set on fire and immediately covered with a pot. Flared up the flame goes out. In this way the vacuum is made inside the pot that draws in the navel and replaces it in the proper position. The stronger drawing in is the better is the result. One shouldn’t wet the cotton wool too much otherwise the alcohol can drop on the skin. After 15-30 minutes the pot and plasticine basis are removed. The first time this procedure is rather painful during first 3-8 minutes but then comes relaxation. When the pot is removed one feel unusual lightness and warmth since the blood flow increases, the back becomes straight.

In order to replace the navel in a proper position it is necessary to repeat this procedure every day during two or three weeks. One should always watch over his navel’s state. It is of great use to wear a special belt below the navel. It must be made of leather 5-7 mm thick and about 100 mm wide and the clasp must be made of a whole metal plate 70 mm long and 30 mm wide. Girt with such belt a person doesn’t get tired during all day long. This belt also enables to equalize the person’s weight regarding his height and saves from the obesity and overweight. It also prevents edema and other disturbances of expectant mothers. The belt supports the abdomen that’s why a woman doesn’t feel the child’s weight and it also doesn’t let her grow fat. So such belt is simply necessary to everyone in order to maintain all vitally important organs in a healthy state.

Navel string rupture – mistake or crime?

There are moments in our life that have great influence upon the following life. There is no doubt that the moment of birth is one of such moments. It is so easy to do much harm to a person’s health during his first hours and days. The health of the society and happiness of the parents are entrusted to professional doctors. While a house is built on a firm foundation so the person’s health is formed within this period of time. The formation of a robust umbilical ring and the corresponding navel string treatment are such foundation.

I can testify that the whole generation leaves maternity houses with torn navel strings. The doctors everywhere tear the navel strings of new-born children in spite of the fact that it causes bleeding and then leads to scabs. Usually on the third day a doctor tears off the remainder of a dry navel string. It brings a lot of sufferings to a baby, so he is crying all the time.

In the old days people said that if the navel string of a new-born was torn off he would not be long for this world. If the navel string and then a scab are torn off then umbilical arteries and veins will open. In this way a baby can lose a lot of blood that can lead to a lethal outcome.

Even small blood losses are very heavy for a little organism. They provoke hypoxia that leads to metabolic disorder and destruction of cerebral cells.

The torn navel string leads to omphalocele; sometimes to complete and sometimes to partial one. Visceroptosis and dysbolism cause different diseases including such serious as cardiac disfunction, heart troubles, intracranial pressure that leads to cerebral strokes and haematomas; oncological diseases, chronic renal insufficiency, infantile cerebral paralysis, bronchial asthma and many other.

I have worked a lot with children suffered from infantile cerebral paralysis. As my 20-year practice shows in every case of infantile cerebral paralysis the child’s navel string was torn off. Very often the infantile oncology also begins with navel string rupture.

And that is the situation in all maternity houses all over Russia. A year of practice in one of the central hospitals in Crimea showed that there was a similar situation.

In Italy in spite of the high level of medical service doctors tore imprudently the baby’s navel string off. And now nobody can understand why an eleven-month old baby suffers from pancreatic diabetes. Besides the baby can’t move, his motor system doesn’t work. His parents took him even to Switzerland but no one still could cure the child.

Nowadays medicine is a business in many respects. Expensive drugs, up-to-date clinics, sophisticated equipment. But our organism is very simple. There is popular knowledge that is for health but not for money. And only the way of life makes us remember or forget it.

However let us not pass an aggressive verdict on doctors (see below – the main cause of all diseases).

How to treat the navel string without doing harm to a baby?

There are two important moments. The first is the separation of placenta when the navel string is cut and the second is the separation of the rest of the cord from the baby’s body. But for all that the main thing is to avoid bleeding. That’s why one shouldn’t cut the navel string right after the birth. In Canada they rejected this practice long ago and returned to an old method: first they wait till the navel string dries up and only then cut it leaving a long part from the baby’s side.

As soon as a baby makes his first breath the blood passes from the placenta to his body through the navel string (50 – 100 mg of so called reserve blood). It is necessary to let this process come to the end.

The navel string and placenta are parts of a baby’s body. The cut of the string right after the birth is the strongest stress for a baby. At this moment the digestive and respiratory systems of a baby begin to work autonomousely, independently from his mother. Previous nine months he did it through the navel string and at his mother’s expense.

In old times midwives were sure that a baby right after the birth was still breathing (and even thinking) through the navel string. Actually the respiratory and nourishing reflexes remain for some time in the information field of a baby. During this time the navel string dries up, gets thinner and shorter. So its importance comes to naught. One ought to remember that it is very important to leave a long navel string.

If even not to cut the navel string on the second day it will become hard and rigid as a wire. And the connection with the placenta will be broken without doing any harm to a baby. If not to hurry to separate the placenta from a baby then the integrity of the navel string living tissue won’t be broken. It is best to cut the navel string where it became hard and then a child will grow up healthy, strong and intellectually developed. So did our forefathers and, for instance, American Indians and other peoples who were far from the modern civilization.

And secondly in order to avoid bleeding one shouldn’t tear the navel string off. The nature has foreseen everything: drying out it will drop off by itself. Only in this way one can save a baby’s health. The rupture of the navel string and the following bleeding represent a danger of serious infections. In the case of bleeding the use of hydrogen peroxide as disinfection has a short-term effect only at the moment of its application and then its effect comes to naught.

Thereupon it is interesting to recall the disinfection method adopted in old times. They used a five-kopeck coin (an old coin adopted in the tsar’s epoch) from the crude copper with a touch of silver. One should place it on the navel string of a new-born child and fasten it then getting in touch with the wet skin the copper generates oxide. The copper sulfate and silver ions are the most effective and soft sterilizing remedy. In this way the disinfectant remedy is always in touch with a wound all day long till it is required.

And one more important moment. When a baby cries his stomach distends, it can entail the navel string rapture and the omphalocele growth. As it was seen a child won’t cry if his navel string is not torn off. A new-born child also strains a lot trying to evacuate his intestine and urinary bladder. In this case it is necessary to bandage him tightly covering the navel and below and in no way one should bandage a baby above the navel otherwise the kidneys will be squeezed and this can lead to a general hypertensive effect. (So in such a way the court ladies tightened into a corset often lost consciousness). When a child is bandaged up below the navel he has a support that will facilitate his efforts and prevent emphalocele. Besides tight bandaging of a baby’s stomach favours the regular blood redistribution. In other words the head receives enough blood for proper development of cerebral cells and so of the whole organism. Alas, the modern medicine forbids to bandage up the stomach of new-born children as they think it will lead to the atrophy of prelum muscles.

However, the age-old practice shows quite the different. By the way the Caucasians and Ukrainian long-livers wear a belt from the very birth till death.

And at last I would like to take up a question of lactation that concerns the most of nursing mothers. The mummery glands massage when one tries to press out the milk by force is useless and harmful. The lack of milk can be caused by several reasons: renal insufficiency during the pregnancy period, cervical osteochondrosis and delayed function of the mummery glands in the central nervous system. And these disfunctions can be caused only by the omphalocele or its consequences.

The main cause of all disfunctions

The principal aim of this article is to prevent unfavourable for us situations and functional disturbances of the organism.

But I would like to describe one more accident. The daughter of one of my friends was expecting a baby. She asked me to explain to the obstetrician – professor, Doctor of Medicine – that he should not tear off the navel string. I had been explaining to the professor why he should do this for two hours and he promised me not to do it. But when the time came the professor forgot his promise and torn off the navel string through habit on the third day after the baby’s birth. This caused bleeding and the omphalocele, the baby began to cry. But the mother and the baby were discharged from the hospital in spite of the bleeding navel. Besides two days later a nurse from the hospital came to see them, she tore a dried up scab off and in this way opened bleeding again.

It turns out that the cause of our functional disturbances doesn’t lie only in the lack of knowledge.

Even if the umbilical ring remains untouched during childbirth it won’t guarantee its perseverance in future. The navel can be torn off while falling down or lifting something heavy.

It is necessary to answer a general question why such functional disturbances take place.

Actually the state of a person’s health depends on the state of his Consciousness. In what information field the person’s Consciousness is so will be his health and the whole life.

Much of the science is based on the belief in the power of the “idol” – matter. Working in the hospitals as a masseur I saw a great number of people going up and down to different doctors without any improvements of their health. That’s why all my life I was trying to find alternative ways of treatment.

In 1997 I suffered from a serious disease for six months that was caused by treatment without proper knowledge of the Universe structure. The doctors offered me the first disability group but I refused. But now not a trace remained from that disease. I cured myself and now I use séances of the meditative clairvoyance in my healing practice. Below I set out the recovery method found during my practical activities. Besides during my search I began to read the Bible. It turned out that the Bible described the geometric structure of the Universe recorded by the prophets and clairvoyants in a figurative manner. I believe that we haven’t yet discovered the true value of the Bible.

The closer the person’s Consciousness is to Creator the more harmonic it is. Creator is the Common integral transparent infinitive Emptiness. And the Universe appeared from this Common Consciousness.

Jesus the Christ knew the Universe structure. Due to this knowledge he could do things that were considered a miracle for already two thousand years. But even earlier Pythagoras asserted that during the Epoch of Aquarius (Epoch of Knowledge) people would reveal the geometric structure of the Universe. As it is well-known the XXI century is the beginning of the Epoch of Aquarius. Jesus the Christ had imparted his knowledge to the disciples who wrote down their comprehension of it. The Christian church collected those records in one Book and due to this the knowledge came to our days. During the Epoch of Pisces (Epoch of Belief) the Church collected the Bible and managed to preserve it and now it is time to cognize the heritage of Jesus the Christ and his disciples.

One needs to leave darkness and come out into light to Creator. Creator has already made projections of any our state. There is a projection where a person suffers from some disease and there is a projection where he is absolutely healthy (and the same for material benefits). All the projections exist simultaneously out of time.

Jesus the Christ transferred the word of a leper through Creator into that projection where he was healthy.

The Gospel of Luke, (5:12-13)

12 And it came to pass, when he was in a certain city, behold a man full of leprosy: who seeing Jesus fell on [his] face, and besought him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.

13 And he put forth [his] hand, and touched him, saying, I will: be thou clean. And immediately the leprosy departed from him


This man had been for a long time in the projection where he suffered from liprosy. He had gone through much and overcome a lot of difficulties. So he gained experience that made him understand the necessity to turn to Creator. Jesus could help to come into light only a person who completely believed in the recovery and who was asking himself for it. Jesus could see whether a person believed in the recovery or not.

The Gospel of Luke, (18:35-43)

35 And it came to pass, that as he was come nigh unto Jericho, a certain blind man sat by the way side begging:

                        36 And hearing the multitude pass by, he asked what it meant.

                        37 And they told him, that Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.

                        38 And he cried, saying, Jesus, [thou] Son of David, have mercy on me.

39 And they which went before rebuked him, that he should hold his peace: but he cried so much the more, [Thou] Son of David, have mercy on me.

40 And Jesus stood, and commanded him to be brought unto him: and when he was come near, he asked him,

41 Saying, What wilt thou that I shall do unto thee? And he said, Lord, that I may receive my sight.

                        42 And Jesus said unto him, Receive thy sight: thy faith hath saved thee

43 And immediately he received his sight, and followed him, glorifying God: and all the people, when they saw [it], gave praise unto God.

Jesus helped this man to get from the projection where he was blind to the projection where he could see. This man’s belief in the possibility of such transformation was absolute that’s why the re-projection was immediate (without time).

Everyone of us can pass into a better projection but only Creator can make re-projections. That’s why the Bible says: beg and you’ll be given. How strong our belief is so much we will receive from Creator.

The Gospel of Luke (17: 6)

6 And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you.

Creator is Common transparent Emptiness that’s why you should imagine a bright clear point, spot or sphere and direct yourself in you mind inside this light. You ask Creator to transfer your word from darkness into light that is from those projections where you have troubles in your everyday life or with the health and family to that projection where you have no such troubles.

When we are in the same projection we behave according to the same program. Any of our actions inside the projection collides with other forms of Consciousness that are also found in the this projection. And we are going to torment ourselves over different everyday problems and step on the same rake again and again till we realize that we need just to pass into the emptiness of Creator. At the same time our word passes to better and more harmonic projections and all our troubles are left in the last one.

But it is often very hard to give up all the doubts, after all we have used to struggle. The closer to Creator Consciousness is the stronger is the possibility of re-projections. Our insults, debts, desire to revenge and other negative feelings in the projection where our Consciousness is at the moment make any re-projection impossible.

We are a part of Creator, so we are able to receive answers from Creator in the way of thoughts or visual images. The closer to Creator the person’s Consciousness is the more exact answers he can receive and the more information of the Universe structure he reveals. To learn to imagine what exists in reality means to become proficient in the clairvoyance.

There is an expression “to be born in a shirt”[2]. It was observed that such person was protected from any trouble and was lucky in everything. “The shirt” is an amniotic sac (fetel membrance) that usually tears during the childbirth. But if the Consciousness of a mother and of a baby is in a harmonious world then “the shirt” (amniotic sac) won’t tear and a baby passes easily through maternal passages.

The Bible says those who have ears will hear. That person “hears” who has a firm belief in recovery and only in this case the re-projection is possible. When I tried to help those who have no such belief it caused only aggression and misunderstanding. So as the practice shows it is very important for a woman to meditate during the pregnancy. Then the childbirth will be successful, the navel string won’t be torn off and in future everything will be all right with a mother’s and baby’s health.

Anatoly Imaev

Ekaterinburg, 2005